Buyers Guide

Determine the type of home you need:-  

Before buying a home, homebuyers  can be very excited but you should make sure that you determine the type of home while carefully considering the costs as you would have several option including:- traditional single-family home,  townhouse,  condominium,  co-operative, or a multi-family building. Considering the pros and cons of buying a house can also be helpful as home buying includes many pros as well as cons. Leeway to renovate and build equity in a safe and secure investment is one of the pros, and the cons include ongoing costs that is the tax of the property and insurance and costly repairs.

Knowing the ideal features of your Home:-

You should make a proper list of the things that you want to include in your ideal home as buying a home is one of the biggest purchases. The ideal home depends on the space you need, your budget,  and your preferences for maintenance. So before buying you need to have a list that would fit all your needs and wants in your ideal home. Your basic desires, neighbourhood and size of your home and small aspects like the layout of your kitchen or bathroom and necessary information  like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you need  in your home and the extra rooms you want should also be mentioned.

Initiate the mortgage pre-approval process

 By financing your home for the pre-all oval mortgage process you need to set a meeting with your broker and lender. In the assembling bring this information to their awareness:

  • Photo ID has been issued by the government
  • Proof that you are earning which is also known as income proof.
  • Down payment proof
  • Savings and investments proof
  • Details of your credit score, current debts and the address proof
  • Contact information of your employer

Close the deal by making a bid :  You should write  an offer,  decide upon a mortgage, prepare for the closing day and take homeownership.

Your  bid must consist of:

  • Your legal name ( name of the seller and address of the property)
  • Proposal amount/ the purchase price and the amount of your deposit.
  • Date in which you want to take ownership of your home.  (“closing day”)
  • Request for a current property survey
  • The expiry date of the offer.
  • Other conditions must be fulfilled before the contract is finalized.

Maintain  your home and protecting the place that you’ve invested in:-

Homeownership is the biggest and the most  exciting investment you’ve made.  Understanding the responsibility of your homeownership before you move to your home is very crucial. Making your mortgage payments timely is very important.  Missed payments or the payments that are late can lead the way to extra charges and can affect credit rating. By predicting the costs of operating a home, living within your budget and saving for emergencies can be beneficial. Arranging a check fire extinguishers, emergency evacuation plan,  smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors yearly is very essential to protecting the home you inverted in.



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