Seller Guide

Step 1- Explain your requirements and needs before selling : You should know what you want before selling your home.  This should be the first step and a crucial move that will make the selling process a little less difficult.  You must have a proper reason for selling your home and the place, where you want to move after your home, has been sold.

Step 2- Decide the price of your property: The most crucial step is to competitively price your home and decide the price that will work best for you and that allows you to initiate the process with it.

Step 3- Get your home ready: You should show the buyer a top-notch version of your property by remodelling your fixtures, purchasing new appliances, installing new hardware to give the interior a different look and painting a coat to make it look more luxurious. By cleaning your home thoroughly and eliminating all the unnecessary big furniture you should get your home ready.

Step 4- Hire a realtor who knows the market:

You should hire a realtor who who is knowledgeable and knows how to sell homes.  Finding the right realtor for your home is necessary if you wan to sell your home without  listing it in themarket. Your realtor should be familia with the localthe marketas he is the one who is going to help you in the whole process of selling, host showings, writing up real estate listings that schedule sales and marketing your property.

Step 5- Offer deal to buyers who are looking for it : Buyers are constantly looking for genuine deals in the down market. So you can offer the buyers transferable

home warranty that is transferable and give discounted repair and replacement services for household appliances and systems to them. Before closing the deal you should make sure that all the work is done and commitments have homeownership.

Step 6- Close the deal:  Pass the  homeownership to the buyer after the paperwork is signed legally and then your home is sold.  Contracted buyers should be aware of the fact that the deal has been closed and the realtor who you’ve had would be there for providing them with detailed answers of their ions related to the property.



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